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Same Faces & Same Places

A guide to who's coming back in 2024.

We'll paint you a picture. The setting is western Wisconsin in early March. Normally the time of year where winter reluctantly gives way to spring. However, the old man decided on a vacation this year while the rest of us have had to suffer through a slew of 50-degree days with no shortage of sun. Oh, the humanity!

While a change to our typical climate may (will) bring short and long-term consequences, it's also true that outdoor soccer in Wisconsin is off to an earlier start than normal.

What does that mean for us? It means we are ramping up our preparations for the 2024 season! Scheduling games, reserving fields, designing kits, and so much more... We're ticking each item off one by one. We're pretty far along at this stage.

This isn't about any of that, however. This is about the ones who don the shirt. This is about the players. Specifically, this is about those coming back from last season.

So... who is coming back? Check the list below and follow along on our social media pages.


Enrique Torres (2nd season)


Kaden Alcindor (2nd season) Dylan Burk (3rd season)

Kyle Bushendorf (3rd season)

Peter Cullen (2nd season)

Matt Folden (2nd season)

Max Walters (3rd season)


Oscar Fernandez Hydzik (2nd season)

Lukas Olson (4th season)


AJ Mittelsteadt (2nd season)

David Ripplinger (6th season)

Elliott Solberg (3rd season)

John Wilke (2nd season)


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