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As a grassroots, community-driven club, we rely on the community's support to help us achieve our goals. Purchasing an annual membership allows you the opportunity to shape our club for 2023.  All members will be able to weigh in on some club decisions.

The final look of the membership package will be determined soon. What we do know is that members will receive an annual care package, merchandise discounts, and voting rights. And for those folks located outside of Eau Claire, don't fret. There will be an out-of-town membership package as well.

The first decision we have to make it to name our coffee. Since we don't really have any members yet, we're opening this vote up to everyone! Three choices are listed in the form below. Please select one and leave your email so we can send you a discount code for our store. There are a couple other questions as well that we'd like your feedback on, too.

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