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Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

After two months of conversation and collaboration, the Club has rebranded. All work is courtesy of Eau Claire-based Knorth Studios. To be clear, the Club is retaining the name Bateaux FC. We felt a desire to simplify our logo and add additional secondary marks to make our brand more flexible. Knorth Studios was able to deliver.

Our primary mark features two key elements: the bow of a bateau (bottom) and top of a pine tree (top). It is a simple way to reflect on how bateaux were used for in the central United States (see the second image explaining the meaning of the logo). The club name is also contained within the new mark.

We slightly changed up the colors with more emphasis on green. A cream tone provides accents in our new look.

Some alternate looks are presented below. These marks might be used with merchandise items and in various promotions and social media posts.

We're all in on the sawmill/lumberjack motif. The primary crest (first image) is essentially the primary mark but made to look more like a soccer logo. The middle image features a "T" that appears like an axe, and the third image is a saw blade with the primary mark in the middle of the mark.

We hope you like the rebrand!


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